Poster for the Belgrade Triennial that represented my design capabilities. NIS Belgrades Refinary Head Office building. © Aleksandar Markovic 2011 All rights reserved Qualifications Dipl. Arch. Eng. Professional affiliations: QSAS - Qatar Sustainability Assessment System accredited professional #QA015 – 00015, Membership number 00015; Member of The Serbian Union of Architects; Member of Serbian Chamber of Engineers with licenses for: License for  Architectural Design  #400 8209 05;  License for Implementation of Architectural Design on Site & Site Supervision  #400 5209 05; Countries of experience: Qatar Serbia Montenegro Croatia Russia Nationality Serbian Languages: English Serbian Education: Graduated - June 1995: Faculty of Architecture, University in Belgrade, Serbia. Diploma Architectural Engineer Graduated - June 1984: American College, Cairo, Egypt. High school diploma Personal: Working & Residing in Doha, Qatar. Career highlights: Over 15 years of post graduate experience in the field of Architecture, mainly in a senior position.   For the past five years working for AECOM’s Doha, Qatar office on projects as: Design Manager, Project Manager, Senior Architect and Bid Manager. Working on designs for: Master planning & urban design, Commercial & Mixed-use buildings, Educational buildings, High rise buildings, Sports buildings, Healthcare buildings, Luxury residential buildings and Interior design. Project responsibilities: Defining the design project’s scope of work, budget and schedule, determining the project objectives. Planning the work effort so that the project scope of work, budget, and schedule will be met. Directing the design team as it does the work so the project objectives will be met while staying within budget and on schedule. Made sure that additional work required by the Client has been invoiced as additional work, so that no abortive work would occur. Coordinating the efforts of the design team so that interdisciplinary information flows smoothly and at the right time. Monitoring the design team’s work product and progress against the project objectives, budget, and schedule. Learning from the project - what went right, what went wrong, and how to improve performance on the next project. Listened, observed and made required changes to the team after discussing with the team members individually their responsibilities and performance.  Prepared winning tender bid proposals for pre contract consultancy services. Detailed experience: June 2006 – Present: AECOM, Doha, Qatar  Position:  Design Manager    Barwa City Phase 2 Retail Gardens Mall – 250,000 sq.m.  Position:  Project Manager    MIC 2 International Schools in Mesaieed, Qatar – 40,000 sq.m.    Barwa City 2 International Schools, Doha, Qatar – 50,000 sq.m.  Position:  Senior Architect    Al Saad Plazas Development, Doha, Qatar – 150,000 sq.m.    Hotel and Sports Centre, Minsk, Belarus – 50,000 sq.m.    Barwa Commercial Avenue, Doha, Qatar – 800,000 sq.m.    Mesaieed Housing Projects, Qatar – 240,000 sq.m.   Al Sadd Office Tower, Doha, Qatar – 40,000 sq.m.    Barwa City Phase 1, Doha, Qatar – 2,000,000 sq.m.    Dukhan Housing project, Qatar   Al Khor Community Development, Qatar    Al Saad Office Tower, Qatar    Barwa City pedestrian bridge, Qatar    Military Health Resort, West Bay, Doha, Qatar – 20,000 sq.m.  December 2005 – June 2006 Operating my architectural studio in Belgrade, Serbia Position:  Project Manager (Owner)    Ampacomp Office Building – Proposal, New Belgrade, Serbia. 25,000 sq.m.    Duff Restaurant – Interior Design, New Belgrade, Serbia 1,164 sq.m.  March 2004 – December 2005 Novogradnja, Belgrade, Serbia Position: Associate Luxury Apartment Building – Knezevacka Street, Belgrade, Serbia - 6,200 sq.m. Luxury Apartment Building – Dusana Radovica Street, Belgrade, Serbia – 4,300 sq.m.   Apartment Building – Radovica Street, Belgrade, Serbia – 5,950 sq.m.    Interior & Exterior Design for Luxury River Raft Restaurant ‘’Dubai’’ – Sava  River, Belgrade, Serbia – 1,350 sq.m.  Apartment Building – Sretena Mladenovica Mike Street, Belgrade, Serbia – 5,300 sq.m. Apartment Building – Sretena Mladenovica Mike Street, Belgrade, Serbia – 4,200 sq.m. Apartment Building – Jovanke Radakovic Street, Belgrade, Serbia - 3,600 sq.m. September 2002 – March 2004 Radcommerce, New Belgrade, Serbia Position:  Senior Design Architect Nessco Office Building –Block 40, New Belgrade – 250,000 sq.m. Nessco Office Building – Block 23, New Belgrade – 18,000 sq.m. Parking Service Office Building – Belgrade, Serbia – 30,000 sq.m. Special Nursing Complex – Sochi, Russia – 186,000 sq.m. Tasmajdan Sports Centre – Belgrade, Serbia – 55,000 sq.m. May 2001 – September 2002 Chempoint Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia Position:  Lead Design Architect Apartment Building  - Senjak, Belgrade, Serbia – 2,000 sq.m. Jackpot Gaming Saloon – Moscow, Russia – 4,500 sq.m. Interior Design of Djeronimo Café – Belgrade, Serbia - 250 sq.m. Office Building & Hotel towers – Moscow, Russia – 65,000 sq.m. Hotel, Apartments, Offices & Shopping Centre, Moscow, Russia – 60,000 sq.m. Reconstruction of 5 Star Hotel Volga - Moscow, Russia – 40,000 sq.m. Interior Design of a Pharmacy – Valjevo, Serbia - 220 sq.m. Interior & Exterior Design for a Kachar Villa Residence – Zemun, Serbia – 2,500 sq.m. Architectural Competitions: 2nd Prize Winner for Okruglica Shopping Centre – Belgrade, Serbia Novosadska Banka – Novi Sad, Serbia December 2000 – May 2001 MPS, Belgrade, Serbia Position:  Design Architect Office Building – Belgrade, Serbia – 8,000 sq.m. Warehouse with Offices – Belgrade, Serbia – 22,000 sq.m. September 1998 – December 2000 Urbis Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia. Position:  Design Architect Projects: Juric Residence – Rijeka, Croatia – 1,500 sq.m. Bozovic Residence – Bar, Montenegro – 1,500 sq.m. Office Building – Moscow, Russia – 12,000 sq.m. Architectural Competitions: Five-Star Hilton Hotel – Rajiceva, Belgrade, Serbia; Radovic head Office Building – Valjevo, Serbia; December 1995 – September 1998 Metal D. D. Belgrade, Serbia. Position:  Design Architect Projects: NIS - Belgrade Oil Refinery Head Office – 5,000 sq.m. Niksic Brewery’s Club Restaurant - 400 sq.m. Metal Engineering’s Exhibition stand – 1st prize winner - 240 sq.m. Architectural Competitions   Knjaz Milos a. d. Office building – Arandjelovac, Serbia;  Gallery Centre – Belgrade, Serbia; Parking  Service Office Building –Serbia; Tasmajdan Sports Arena – Belgrade, Serbia; Delta Sports Office Building – New Belgrade, Serbia; 5 star Hotel - Rajiceva Street, Belgrade, Serbia; Okruglica Shopping Centre – Belgrade, Serbia; Radovic Head Office Building – Valjevo, Serbia. Experience: June 2006 - present, AECOM, Doha, Qatar. Position: Design Manager,                Project Manager,                Senior Architect. December 2005 - June 2006, Belgrade, Serbia. Operating my private studio. Position: Project Manager March 2004 - December 2005, SZ Novogradnja, Belgrade, Serbia. Position: Associate Architect September 2002 - March 2004, Radcommerce, New Belgrade, Serbia. Position: Senior Design                Architect. May 2001 - September 2002, Chempoint Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia. Position: Lead Design                Architect. December 2000 - May 2001, MPS, Belgrade, Serbia. Position: Senior Design Architect. September 1998 - December 2000, Urbis Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia. Position: Design Architect. December 1995 - September 1998, DD Metal, Belgrade, Serbia. Position: Junior Architect,                Design Architect. Computer proficient with extensive experience working with: AutoCAD 2010; 3D Max 10; Photoshop CS2; CorelDraw 10; MS Office; Etc. Architectural Exhibitions: The Eight Belgrade Triennial of World Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia. From June to July 2006. Welcoming poster for the Eight Belgrade Triennial of World Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia. From June to July 2006. Poster for the Belgrade Triennial that represented my design capabilities. NIS Belgrades Refinary Head Office building. Poster for the Belgrade Triennial that represented my design capabilies. Nesco office building in Block 40, New Belgrade, Serbia. From left to right, AECOM’s “Company Men” at the London workshop with RTKL, April 2011: Aleksandar Markovic, Hannes Jubert, Raed Al Ramahi and Gandhi Kartikheyan. Personal characteristics: Flexibility and adaptability, significant initiative and leadership, confidence, ambition, broad scope of personal interests, enthusiasm, imagination, able to balance technical solutions with time and cost, well organised and disciplined, more of a generalist than specialist, able to indentify problems and willing to make decisions. Dependants: Wife Ivana and sons: Filip and Stefan Markovic
Magazine article: An article about my work published in Serbian magazine, Ilustrovana Politika (July,2006). Magazine article: Article about the first graduated class of QSAS - Qatar Sustainability Assesment System published in Gulf Times (July,2009). I am the first from left ro right sitting.